History of the Company

CONNECTIONS ABOUND was founded in June, 2009 by Carole L. Ashbridge, M.L.S. It was first located in Watertown, New York, and is currently located in Mars, Pennsylvania, a short distance from Pittsburgh  

Upon retiring from a thirty-eight year career as a school library media specialist in 2009, Carole knew that it was impossible to “go slowly into the dark night.” Sharing information with people and helping them find solutions to problems was an important part of her life. Consequently, she decided to go into the library consulting business and CONNECTIONS ABOUND was formed. While based in Watertown, she took the lead in developing a program to help high school seniors transition to college. She wrote the curriculum for the local BOCES entitled Bridging the Gap and presented it to high schools and colleges for their adoption. In addition, she provided consultation services and continuing education opportunities to the public library system.

Information and people are at the heart of this genealogical business.

Since relocation to Mars, the company has taken on an additional focus based on the aspiration of its owner to channel her passion for family history research and assisting others who may not have the time or expertise. Researching, sharing information and developing problem solving strategies in the realm of genealogy is the mission of CONNECTIONS ABOUND.

CONNECTIONS ABOUND also designed and maintains two websites for clients in addition to the Bridging the Gap site.