High School Competencies

 The librarians at JCC’s Melvil Dewey Library believe that the following selected competencies provide a firm foundation for high school students who will be continuing their education.

Knows when to use reference materials A student begins research on a new topic in the reference area, using specialized encyclopedias.
Knows when to use books, magazines, WWW Students understand that books provide in-depth information. Due to the time it takes to research, write, produce and distribute books, magazines and/or Web sites may be the best sources of information on late-breaking topics.
Uses keywords and topic heading Students select the keywords from their thesis to form their initial search statements.
Uses criteria to choose sources Students consider the credentials of an author before using material for research. For example, they would not use “Wikipedia” type sources because there is no way to determine who wrote/edited the information.
Locates and uses PAC and types of electronic resources Students know that the online catalog is used to locate books; databases are used to search for articles by topic.

Understands arrangement and classification systems

Students understand that the library is arranged to group books and resources on similar topics together. Also recognizes that libraries often have collections within the library: reference, oversize, archives, etc.
Locates and is able to use the parts of a book Students can locate their topic in a book by using the index and table of contents.
Practices ethical behavior in regard to information & info technology Students are made aware that, while it is possible to copy and share print, audio, and video media, it may not be legal to do so.
Knows legal principles and applies them Students understand what constitutes ethical conduct and what is  plagiarism, including the need to cite paraphrases and ideas of other authors.
Appropriately cites resources using prescribed formats Students should be able to look at an MLA citation and determine if the source is a book or an article.
Examines the process Students revise searches, adding/deleting/changing search queries as needed.
Knows when additional sources are needed Students try other databases/resources if they are having difficulty locating what they need (after revising their search a few times.