scaleWhat's the Supreme Court Got to Do with Me?scale


We have learned about the three branches of government that are responsible for making laws, enforcing laws, and interpreting laws. At times it can seem that those laws have no bearing upon our lives. When we hear about the Supreme Court handing down a decision, we very often think it has little impact on our lives. However, we must rethink this and realize that, indeed, those rulings can affect our lives. For this project you will look at a Supreme Court case in a personal way. How did or will that case and decision impact your life?

scaleThe Taskscale

Choose one of the scenarios that interests you. Each scenario is based on a Supreme Court decision. This scenario should be one that you are excited about investigating an want to know how it affects your life. You will be writing a paper about

Your findings will be presented as a formal paper, a documentary, or another project approved by your teacher and librarian. All projects will have a properly documented citation according to your school's chosen style.

scaleGetting to Workscale

Research Process

Choose your scenario. Make sure that it is one in which you have interest.
Begin to research your case in a specialized encyclopedia if one is available in your school's library.
As you read about your case, list some key words and ideas that will help you formulate your search strategy. Use this form to help focus your ideas. You may want to check out some hints for this step.
After you have formulated your search strategy, you can start gathering information.
Decided what sources will be best for your research.
Check your school's OPAC for books. Start your working bibliography
Do you need more books? Search the catalogs of other libraries using IcePAC and CIDER
Now it's time to start looking for periodical articles. You probably want to start with ProQuest. Test your search strategy and and gather at least 3 articles that are going to be useful. Mark your articles and print out the citations.
Don't forget the eBooks. The American Decades series will help here.

On to some Internet sites now. Use the search strategy that you have found successful when you search in your search engine. You will need to evaluate the sites' authority, accuracy, currency, and objectivity. When you have found the ones you will use, fill out the How Does this site Measure Up form.

As you take your notes, remember to record the source information you will need for the paper. You will need to give credit for all your quotations and included information that is not common knowledge
Time to the write your paper. Make sure you have enough information so that you cover all the items in the task. Do you need more information? If so go back and repeat some of your searches. Remember RESEARCH meant to search again. Check the evaluation rubric to see how you are doing.
You are almost there. Put the final touches on your Works Cited page. You can use some of the online citation makers like NoodleTools, CitationMachine, BibMe, or Easy Bib.


Your work will be evaluated according to the rubric.


You have now seen how the Supreme Court's decisions can affect your life. When you listen to or read the news, you should have a new found interest in what goes on in the highest court in our country. In addition, you have now completed a research project that can serves as a model for searching, accessing, and using information whether you go on to college or the work place.

Good work and Congratulations