English/Language Arts Unit

The focus in this unit is on the Senior English/Langauge Arts Class. It is a non-regents course and provides more teaching flexibility and less emphasis on an end of year assessment. 


Students will, individually or in pairs, choose an author and piece of literature that speaks to a social issue. They will compare and contrast the issue from the time period in which the author was writing to the present day. They will then invite the author or a character from the original work to a dinner hosted by a person in today’s society. This could be a politician or a person who has been a spokesperson for that issue, i.e. Al Gore and the environment. They will research the issue in both time periods and will present their findings in a dialogue between the two that shows an understanding of the issue.

Final Product

Students will present their research as either:

All products will have properly documented MLA citation

For complete unit plan and connection to NYS and Information Literacy Standards, click here.